Volunteer and Help A Refugee Family Settle in East Vancouver

How YOU CAN Help!
There is a lot of work to be done! Sponsoring a family is not just about collecting money. Our sponsorship group will need to continue helping our family during the first year of settlement

Volunteer Opportunities
If you would like to volunteer, please email: parkerstreetsi@gmail.com and ask to be put in touch with one of the appropriate committee leads shown below:

  1. Communication  – Kate (Web/Social Media)
  2. Fundraising/Finance – Jeff/Abbe
  3. Social Coordinator  – Karen (Initial Welcoming and first 48 hours of orienting and more).
  4. Orientation – Eileen (Neighbourhood/shopping, transit, buying food, services, et al.)
  5. Services providers  – Donna/Nozomi (Health, Dental, MOSAIC…)
  6. Cultural coordinator – Tessa (Syrian Community and
    Vancouver Cultural Events)
  7. Registrations/orientations – Cathy (SIN, Driver’s License, et al.)
  8. Employment/Training Opportunities & Transition – Katie/Kate
Please consider being added to our email list. We generally email about once every 2-3 weeks. This is the best way to stay informed on fundraising events and other updates. To be added, please send an email to: parkerstreetsi@gmail.com

Note: Before any application can be accepted, the sponsored persons must undergo a medical examination and a security check or background screening to ensure the safety and security of Canadians.

Please consider donating to our cause, every bit counts!