Donate to PSSI and Help a Syrian Refugee Family Settle in Canada

NOTE: We have reached our $35,000 goal! Thank you for your support.

Why $35,000 Minimum?
The Government of Canada requires that sponsors demonstrate capacity to provide a minimum $25,000 for a family of 2 anywhere in Canada, this can include the value of in-kind donations for 12 months or until they are self-sufficient. PSSI has made a goal of raising $35,o00 because we know that the cost of living in Vancouver is much higher than other communities in Canada and we must ensure that the family’s needs are met for a minimum of one year.

PSSI is working to get in-kind donations (furniture, clothing, volunteer time) and subsidize the costs for this family to add value to our fundraising efforts and extend the reach of cash donations. Please consider donating to our cause, every bit counts! DONATE NOW!

Where Does The Money Go?
This money is used over a 12 month period, from date of families arrival in Canada for: food, rent, utilities, clothing, furniture, household goods & more!

Your Donation is Secure – we use “Chimp”
PSSI has chosen to use ‘Chimp’ to collect our donations. While Chimp is referred to as an online giving tool, it’s officially known in the charity and legal world as a donor advised fund (DAF). That is, a giving platform created to manage charitable donations on behalf of an organization. 

Donations given to PSSI on this site can only be transferred to a registered charity. PSSI is working with Grandview Cavalry Baptist Church (GCBC) as our Sponsorship Agreement Holder to assist with the administration of sponsoring refugees. The GCBC is a registered charity, therefore Chimp will release all the funds collected to them, who will in turn release them to PSSI to use for the expenses associated with the refugee family’s settlement.

PSSI and GBBC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines the expectations of each party and includes regulations about PSSI’s use of these funds for the exclusive purposes of supporting our newcomers. In addition, GCBC will not take portion of the funds raised to cover their administration costs, nor does PSSI.

With these systems in place, you can be certain that your money is working hard to welcome refugees to Parker Street.

Note: Before any application can be accepted, the sponsored persons must undergo a medical examination and a security check or background screening to ensure the safety and security of Canadians.

Please consider donating to our cause, every bit counts!