About Us

Canadians Helping Syrian Families

Our Mission: To provide community-level support to a Syrian family during their first year of resettlement in East Vancouver, Canada.

PSSI: Who Are We?
The Parker St. Sponsorship Initiative (PSSI) is a private sponsorship group working with the Grandview Cavalry Baptist Church (GCBC). GCBC is a registered charitable organization which acts as our “Sponsorship Agreement Holder,” assisting with the secure administration of our funding.

Our group is comprised of many motivated individuals with diverse experience and expertise who are working together to bring a family to their new home. Refugee sponsorship was new to all of us, we are learning together and are supported by many – please help by donating and/or volunteering.

Syria’s civil war is a humanitarian disaster. More than 11 million people (half the countries population) have been killed or forced to flee their homes. Millions of Syrians need help – WE CAN DO IT, one family at a time. 

Please consider donating to our cause, every bit counts! Your donation will help provide 12 months of financial support for a Syrian family of 2 to settle her in Vancouver.

Parker Street Initiative’s Members:

  • Abbe N.
  • Alexandria E.
  • Anne B.
  • Celia H.
  • Daniel S.
  • Donna C.
  • Eileen R.
  • Jeff C.
  • Jim F.
  • Karen R.
  • Kate M.
  • Katie M.
  • Marci
  • Nancy R.
  • Nozomi I.
  • Pippa C.
  • Sandra M.
  • Tessa F.
  • Vicki T.


  • Tess A., Lawyer
  • Carina S., SAH Rep
  • Monique K., Designer (pro-bono)
  • Grandview Printing Co.